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Things You Need to Know About Using a Cannabis Lube

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Brittney Sanger

By now, you’ve probably heard all about weed lube. And if you haven’t tried it, then chances are you’re dying to find out more. If something promises to give you the best orgasms of your life, who wouldn’t be curious? Not to mention, the herb in general offers mind blowing sex. So one would assume THC-infused lube must be the answer to all their frisky prayers. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? The answer is it very well could be, or maybe not. One thing is for sure, though, and that’s you will feel something. In case you’re thinking about giving it a shot, here are eight things to know about cannabis lube.

1. Your lady parts will not reek of pot

In case you’re wondering if your vagina is going to smell like a freshly lit joint, the answer is no. Weed lube barely has a scent at all or a taste for that matter. It might put off a slight herbal aroma, but that’s about it.

2. It’s more of an oil than a lube

In more ways than one, weed “lube” is quite different than your traditional lube. Since it’s an oil-based spray, it’s going to feel much more light when you apply it than it would if you were to slap on a bunch of lubricants. Also, the effects take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour kick in, so you can’t just spritz it on and immediately get down to business.

3. You’re going to get super wet down there

Of course, the product alone is going to make your downstairs a little moist. But according to the ladies that have tested out weed lube, they say it makes you a lot more wet than usual, which is always a plus!

4. Spraying weed on your honey pot will not get you high

Perhaps the main question everyone has is if they can get high by using cannabis lube. Unfortunately, no. However, if you treat the lube like an edible, you might experience some psychoactive effects.

5. It’s like your vagina is on vacation

So, what exactly does it feel like to have a stoned vagina? Well, to put it simply, it feels as great as it would if it were laying on a towel chilling at the beach. Everything down there is relaxed and tension-free, making it easier for you to loosen up sexually. No pun intended.

6. It’s true; your orgasms will improve

So, can this stuff really make you have out-of-this-world orgasms? Yes, it can. But unfortunately, it cannot get you off alone. However, with the right moves from your partner and the help of the product combined, you can achieve mind blowing orgasms, ones like you’ve never had before.

7. If it doesn’t work with your lover, try masturbating

As far as effectiveness goes, some women who have toyed around with weed lube claim that they weren’t as satisfied with the results as they thought they would be when testing it out with their partner. But when they tried masturbating, now that’s a different story. Not only did masturbating give them time to get to know the product and how it reacts to their lady parts, but they also didn’t have to worry about distractions getting in the way of all the fun.

8. Cannabis lube and latex do not mix

Again, cannabis lube is oil-based, which means if you use it with a latex condom, it’s more likely to break. And, well, you know what happens as a result of that.

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